Sweet Pea - that's me!

I grew up making pies and cookies with my grandmas.  Grandma Matthews gave me the nickname, "Sweet Pea", while Grandma Peterson gave me her rhubarb custard recipe.  My baby book tells the story, "loves cake".  I guess I was born with a thing for sweets that are worth the calories and that's never changed.

After closing Glorious Beans, our coffee shop cafe in the Outlets in Albertville, I decided to bring a pie to our local meat market to see if they would sell them.  Fast forward 10 years and pies are still our thing.

Here's what makes our treats seriously craveable:

  • Licensed & insured - got it
  • Customer satisfaction - check
  • Treats that are worth the calories - yep
  • Heirloom and original recipes - of course
  • Small batch from scratch baking - we do that
  • Support local non-profit with every purchase - absolutely
We don't have a retail store, but you can find our product at the Elk River Meat Market on Main street or reach out to place an order.

We think pie makes the world a better place.  The world could use more smiles, so we'll keep making pie.

"I've never seen someone eating pie that didn't smile!"
Yours in all things sweet,
Rachel Smith aka Sweet Pea